Course Offerings

NEUR 5014: Fundamentals of molecular signaling in the nervous system. Underlying neuronal signaling that includes the channels, transporters and pumps. Methods to study synaptic plasticity, structure and function of nervous system cells. Current understanding of the cellular and molecular basis of nervous system disorders. Assessment of scientific literature. Pre: Graduate standing. (3H, 3C)

NEUR 5024: Anatomy and function of the human central and peripheral nervous system, including gross and microscopic structure of major neural circuits that govern motor and sensory systems, autonomic function, memory, emotion, motivation and attention. Diseases and disorders associated with brain region malfunction. Pre: Graduate standing. (3H, 3C)

NEUR 5054: Molecular and cellular processes underlying neural circuit formation, including neural induction, cell differentiation, cell fate determination, axon guidance, neuronal migration, synapse formation, sex differentiation, the role of neurotrophic factors, and cell death in vertebrate and invertebrate animal models. Gene regulation during critical periods of neural development that define neurogenesis and gliogenesis. Clinical problems in developmental neuroscience. Writing Pre: Graduate standing. (3H, 3C)

NEUR 5064: Concepts and methods in cognitive neuroscience. Neural bases of various mental functions including sensation, memory, attention, motivation and reward, emotion, decision making, sleep, language and social cognition. Treatment of neurological and mental disorders. Pre: Graduate Standing. (3H, 3C)

NEUR 5074: Discussion of emergent topics, theory and techniques in contemporary neuroscience research. Current research literature review of select topic. Scientific communication, ethics, and research integrity. May be repeated with different topics for a maximum of 4 credits. Pre: Graduate Standing. (1H, 1C)

NEUR 5314G: Concepts of classical, modern genetics and epigenetics as it relates to neuroscience. Practical applications including genome-wide association (GWAS), next-generation sequencing, epigenetics, genome editing and screening methods. Use of model organisms in neurogenetic disorders research. Relationship of genetics and its influences on theoretical and practical issues in neurological and neurodevelopmental disorders. Personalized medicine in neurodevelopmental and neurogenetic disorders. Pre: Graduate Standing (3H, 3C)

NEUR 5514G: Immune system and assorted roles in psychiatric and neurological disorders. Details of cell type, functions and signaling of the peripheral and central immune system, and sympathetic nervous system. Cross-talk between the brain and immune system across the blood brain barrier and circumventricular organs. Treatment options for autoimmune diseases and psychopathy. Pre: Graduate Standing (3H, 3C)

NEUR 5814G: Concepts in nutritional aspects of neuroscience. Energy metabolism in central nervous system and brain regulating ingestive behavior. Communication with peripheral organs, regulation of whole body energy homeostasis, brain physiology and pathology on molecular and cellular level. Role of appetite neurocircuitry in formulation of practical solutions to societal problems such as nutrition, eating disorders, and obesity. Pre: Graduate Standing (3H, 3C)

NEUR 5914: Current approaches and pitfalls for developing therapeutics for treating disorders of the central nervous system (CNS). Theoretical issues and practical applications targeting identification, high-throughput screening, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, preclinical testing, clinical trials, and the FDA approval process. Ethical implications for drug development and testing. Pre: Graduate Standing. (3H, 3C)

NEUR 6014: Cell biology and physiology of glial cells during synaptogenesis, myelination, blood-brain barrier formation and maintenance. Interactions of glial cells with neurons, the vasculature and immune system. Role of glial cells in the clearance of waste products and in the development and progression of neurological diseases. Pre: NEUR 5014 or TBMH 5014

NEUR 6034: Common brain and Central Nervous System (CNS) disorders including epilepsy, acute CNS trauma, neurodegenerative diseases, neurodevelopmental disorders, and certain mental illnesses. Genetic, molecular, and cellular changes in disease. Therapeutic implications, current limitations, and development of novel drugs. Use of animals to model human disease. Challenges in drug discovery and implementation of personalized medicine. Ethical issues regarding genetic findings. Pre: 5004 or TBMH 5014