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Many Neuroscience students will pursue independent mentored research at some stage of their Virginia Tech education

Students at SoN Fall 2019 research exhibit

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    As our growth continues, the School of Neuroscience is currently seeking the following candidates: 

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    First annual Advancing Neuroscience Research at VT Summer Symposium, hosted by School of Neuroscience and Fralin Biomedical Research Institute.

    The School of Neuroscience Teaching Lab was featured throughout Lumencor's recent media campaign. Lumencor is a leading manufacturer of optical excitation subsystems designed for an array of bioanalytical instruments including fluorescence microscopes. 

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    Students get to experience a brain computer interface by playing Pong.

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    Meet Saket Bikmal, freshman student in Computational and Systems Neuroscience.

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    Compilation of student submitted fluorescent micrographs,  acquired during the Fall 2018 NEUR:2035 Neuroscience Laboratory course.  

    School of Neuroscience is leading a three-year, $2.6 million study looking at the connection between traumatic head injuries and epilepsy.

    Alternative treatments for depression and anxiety. Georgia Hodes talks with Les Sinclair about alternative treatments for depression and anxiety. HEAR INTERVIEW!

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    Targeting the Body to treat the Brain. Georgia Hodes, Assistant Professor.