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The curriculum will provide a solid, educational foundation regarding neurological function across the lifespan and the issues related to neurological disease and treatment. Coursework will educate students in nerve cell structure and chemical signaling and teach students to evaluate nervous system circuits and networks and overall neurological system functioning. Through required research course requirements, students will learn to conduct research using cutting edge technologies.


Program Requirements (96 credit hours)

  • NEUR 5004: Principles in Neuroscience (3 credits)
  • NEUR 5014: Fundamentals of Cellular Neuroscience (3 credits)
  • NEUR 5024: Neuroanatomy and Systems Neuroscience (3 credits)
  • NEUR 5074: Current Topics in Neuroscience (1 credit x 4 = 4 credits)
  •  STAT 5615: Statistics in Research (3 credits)

NEUR 5374: Research Experience in Neuroscience (2 credits)

Students will select a minimum of 6 credit hours and a maximum of 12 credit hours from a prescribed list of courses. Selected coursework must be approved by the student’s advisor.

  • NEUR 5034G: Advanced Diseases of the Nervous System (3 credits)
  • NEUR 5054: Developmental Neuroscience (3 credits)
  • NEUR 5064: Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience (3 credits)
  • NEUR 5314G: Advanced Genetics of Neuroscience (3 credits)
  • NEUR 5414: Computational Neuroscience (3 credits)
  • NEUR 5364G: Advanced Neuroscience of Language and Communication Disorders (3 credits)
  • NEUR 5514G: Advanced Neuroimmunology (3 credits)
  • NEUR 5814G: Advanced Nutritional Neuroscience (3 credits)
  • NEUR 5914: Neuroscience of Drug Development (3 credits)
  • NEUR 6014: Glial Biology (3 credits)

Students will select a minimum of 6 credit hours and a maximum of 12 credit hours of graduate coursework at the 5000 level or higher. All courses must be approved by the student’s advisor as part of the Plan of Study. Courses can come from any graduate course offerings at the institution.

Example Plan of Study
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