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Our Research- What we do

Cellular, Molecular, Systems and Computational Neuroscience

Using organisms from flies to humans, neuroscience researchers at Virginia Tech are exploring how the brain develops, how the brain ages, how neurons and glia interreact with one another to create functional circuits and how these circuits create or modulate behavior, such as learning and sleep. Our researchers are looking at these questions in the healthy brain, in neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism, in psychiatric disease, in neurodegenerative diseases including Parkinson and Alzheimer disease, in drug abuse, and, brain injury.

Our program

  • Rotations
  • Career Development Workshop Series
  • Competitive Stipend, Tuition and >90% Healthcare coverage

After one semester of research rotations and core neuroscience coursework, our PhD candidates and their mentors work together to identify additional neuroscience coursework and electives that shape each student’s individual academic experience. Courses can be selected such that they support each students research project and interests.  PhD students of our research-intensive program will apply the fundamentals of brain functioning in states of health and disease to new neuroscience discovery.

Our graduates

Our graduates are prepared for employment in academia, industry and government agencies, as well as business and research settings that seek to understand, translate, implement, and communicate scientific principles in neuroscience.

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