About Us

Our Home

The School of Neuroscience is housed along the Drillfield located at Sandy Hall (built in 1923), one of Virginia Tech’s oldest buildings.  After two years of renovations it's no longer a place of dry wall and worn-down ceiling tiles. Instead, Sandy Hall is now the School of Neuroscience home for students to come together, share ideas and to work on projects.

The bottom floor has a variety of open seating arrangements known as the Neurocommons. This space also includes the ability to host regular speakers from the neuroscience field in a similar format of a TED talk. Additionally, Sandy Hall houses staff and faculty offices and upper-level neuroscience courses. 

Career in Neuroscience

Our degree draws on faculty and resources from many departments across the campus including but not limited to Animal & Poultry Science, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology and Statistics. Graduates of this interdisciplinary program will be proficient in integrating neurogenetics, cellular and molecular neuroscience, neurophysiology, cognitive, computational and systems neuroscience.

In Neuroscience you will become conversant with prevailing theories and current approaches to understand: anatomical structures, physiological functioning, processing of information, adaptive and maladaptive cognitions/emotions/behaviors, disorders and diseases of the nervous system, and clinical/biomedical applications. This portfolio prepares program graduates for a variety of professions including but not limited to: biomedical research, medicine, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, marketing, business, law, politics, education and advocacy.

Please contact us with any questions about our program.