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Virginia Tech to become the first in the nation to create a School of Neuroscience

Neuroscience goes beyond studying the functions, structures and diseases of the brain. Electrical engineers might benefit from understanding the brain’s circuitry. But the brain is also where empathy, decision-making, spirituality and creativity reside.

Our Home

The School of Neuroscience (SoN) is housed along the Drillfield located at Sandy Hall (built in 1923), one of Virginia Tech’s oldest buildings.  After two years of renovations it's no longer a place of dry wall and worn-down ceiling tiles. Instead, Sandy Hall is now the School of Neuroscience home for students to come together, share ideas and to work on projects.

This space includes: 

  • Newly Renovated, 10,960-square-foot
  • Students meeting space
  • Open meeting space
  • Classroom space 
  • Conference spaces (all capable of remote instruction)
  • Administrative support, human resources
  • Office space, 19 offices
  • SoN leadership
  • SoN Undergraduate Studies 
  • SoN graduate Studies 

This building is one of the oldest on campus, sits on the historic Drill Field- the center of the university (large grassy area- surrounded by the historic building on the university). Also is the center of the University Campus.

Please Contact Us with any questions about our programs.

School of Neuroscience (MC 0719)
Sandy Hall
210 Drillfield Drive
Virginia Tech

Blacksburg, VA 24061
540-231-1475 (fax)