Congratulations to Neuroscience student Caroline McKenna, one of 4 authors of the paper Zika Virus Persistently and Productively Infects Primary Adult Sensory Neurons In Vitro published in Pathogens. This is a paper with broad implications for Zika virus pathogenesis. The first author, Brianna Swartwout, is a TBMH (Translational Biology, Medicine, and Health) student who rotated in Neuroscience affiliated faculty Dr. Andrea Bertke’s lab last fall. The 2nd and 3rd authors, Marta Zlotnick and Ashley Saver, are SVSRP (Summer Veterinary Student Research Program) students who also were in Dr. Bertke’s lab the last two summers. The 4th author, Caroline McKenna, was a recipient of the EngelNovitt Summer Fellowship in Neuroscience.

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