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Alicia Pickrell has been named Assistant Professor for the School of Neuroscience

Alicia Prickrell

The School of Neuroscience is proud to anounce a new faculty member, Assistant Professor Alicia Pickrell.  Prickrell research is committed to understand how and why neurons become vulnerable during disease states. Her past, current, and future work implies that even though mitochondria provide the energy required for all neurons in the brain, this requirement and tolerance for dysfunction are different depending on the neuron subtype explaining some of the neurodegenerative patterns seen in disease . She is now working to define the function of these processes in neurons to define their importance in neurodegenerative disease.  Although all neurons are highly reliant on oxidative phosphorylation as well as mitochondrial function for ATP generation, the diversity and heterogeneity of neurons indicates that something as simple as energy demand is likely very complex. 

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