Amy Margolin (rising sophomore, Neuroscience major, Honors student) recently participated in an NCHC Harpers Ferry / A.T. Partners in the Parks project.


She connected with Honors students from University of Florida, Marian University, Virginia Military Institute, Midwestern State University, Edgewood College and Shippensburg College and represented Virginia Tech and the School of Neuroscience in a very positive light.

Amy was a great team player and added a maturity and diversity of thought that the group needed to have present. The week was full of learning with faculty, National Park staff rangers and interpreters in downtown Harpers Ferry, on the Appalachian Trail, on the Shenandoah and Potomac rivers and through nightly reflections by the campfire.  We learned about how the A.T. and other national parks function through cooperative management with a wide range of regional and national stakeholders.

 The weather on the trail was initially gloomy with constant rain and full packs for what was for many their first real backcountry camping experience. Amy not only kept positive attitude for herself, but helped to keep overall morale up. Amy was always eager to step up and help with cooking duties which was greatly appreciated.