Congratulations to our faculty member, Dr. Mark Cline, for receiving one of Virginia Tech’s most prestigious teaching awards from the  Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning and the Virginia Tech Academy for Teaching Excellence. The Sporn Award is designated to faculty members who teach introductory classes and awardees are nominated by their students.

"Since inception of the Neuroscience degree, Mark has been teaching our large Introduction to Neuroscience class (NEUR 2025) and has been setting rigorous academic standards for our students. Remarkably, even those who struggle in his class, nevertheless rate this as the most impactful experience in their Neuroscience degree. Through his dedication, Mark has been instrumental in the School’s success and I am very proud for Mark to be recognized for the (“Ut Prosim”) difference he makes in our students lives", said Dr. Sontheimer, School of Neuroscience Director.