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Possible Careers

Check possible careers with a degree in Neuroscience

Dr. Sontheimer teaching at School of Neuroscience VT
  •  Research lab head (principal investigator), running a lab of scientist, post-docs, technicians and students
  • Other research positions in an academic lab- research scientist, technician, lab manager
  • Professor
  • Instructor, lecturer, or guest lecturer
  • Run an academic program (advisor, coordinator, etc)
  • Elementary, junior high, high school science teacher
  • Work to improve funding for science education
  • Teach abroad about Neuroscience
 injury GFP-astro Brdu-red GFAP-white DAPI-blue
  • Scientific journal editor
  • Scientific journalist at major news outlets
  • Creative writing about the brain – write books for children, etc.
  • Write biographies for famous neuroscientist
  • Web design and writing for the NIH or other neuroscience organizations
  • Science education blogger
  • Produce science education material web/print
opportunities after you graduate
  • Clinical psychologist (could specialize in behavioral neuroscience)
  • Physician (MD or DO)
  • Optometrist
  • Nurse
  • Nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant
  • Speech & language therapist
  • Occupational therapist
  • Physical therapist
  • Nutritionist
  • Social worker
  • Clinical research
  • Pharmacist
  • MRI technician
  • Technician for other neurological procedures (surgical neurophysiologist)
  • Radiation physicist
  • Administrator or coordinator in health care settings
  • Run a public service project in an underserved area with limited medical care
  • Run a clinical research project in another country
  • Work for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) or State Department of Health
  • Global health reporting and/or data collection
  • Careers at UN, NGOs, MSF, OXFAM, USAID, World Bank
  • Neuroeconomist or economics consultant
  • Administrator at private companies, non-profit foundation, government institution, or academic program
  • Marketing or advertising consultant
  • Equity consultant, analyst or broker for an equity firm, venture capitalist or hedge fund
  • Spokesperson for a neuro-company; education public on research going on within the company
  • Patent lawyer
  • Consultant
  • Work for a governmental office (CDC, NIH, FDA, etc)
  • Capitol Hill Staffer (science/health-related initiatives)
  • Congressional advisor (advise on policy for the care of people with neurodevelopmental disease, intellectual disabilities, autism, epilepsy, etc)
  • Advise on policy for the care of persons with psychiatric problems, etc
  • Grants administrator and/or reviewer (Program manager- NSF, NIH)
  • Global Health Organizations


  • Graphic designer for any company/organization on this list
  • Design web-based scientific education material
  • Science consultant for the media
  • Artist specializing in how the brain perceives thing
  • Architect who specializes in how the brain perceives spaces, color, texture, emotion, etc
  • Toy designer- use knowledge to make brain developing toys
  • Musician/instructor
  • Write neurosci-fi screenplays
  • Web design, art, and/or writing for any neuroscience organization
Possible careers with a degree in Neuroscience, "Credit: Princeton Neuroscience Institute"

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