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National Honor Society in Neuroscience, Organization Description

National Honor Society in Neuroscience
Virginia Tech is home to the Virginia Gamma Chapter of Nu Rho Psi, the National Honor Society in Neuroscience. The chapter upholds values of scholarship, leadership, and ut prosim. Membership is obtained through academic achievement of neuroscience majors who meet the eligibility criteria listed below:

  • Neuroscience major with three semesters of college completed
  • Completion of 9 credit hours of NEUR courses at the time of application
  • Minimum NEUR GPA of 3.5
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.2

Applications open at the start of each semester. Inquiries regarding the application process and eligibility can be directed to Dr. Kristin Phillips,


Brain Buddies - Brain Buddies is a mentorship program constructed to provide support and advice to neuroscience students who are just beginning their neuroscience-specific coursework (typically second semester freshmen or sophomores).  Underclassmen students are paired with upperclassmen Nu Rho Psi members based on interests and neuroscience major – clinical, cognitive and behavioral, computational and systems, or experimental. This program allows experienced Nu Rho Psi members to lend advice to underclassmen pertaining to career and professional development, research and/or clinical shadowing, and academics. If interested in joining Brain Buddies, please see our website.

Professional Development - Each semester the Nu Rho Psi chapter at Virginia Tech holds workshops to assist its members in professional development. Nu Rho Psi welcomes speakers from the Virginia Tech Neuroscience Postdoctoral Graduate Association, professors, and other professionals to lead insightful discussions and constructive hands-on activities. Example workshop subjects include how to write a cover letter, build a CV/resume, and prepare for an interview to professional or graduate school.

Journal Club – Nu Rho Psi engages in monthly journal club meetings where members convene to discuss a specified topic in science. Members are encouraged to find a current academic research publication on a specified topic and contribute their findings in a group-wide discussion. Journal Club provides younger and older members to engage with current research literature in an informal and casual setting with the aim to increase our members’ frequency of scientific reading. On occasion, Nu Rho Psi hosts graduate students and postdoctoral associates to discuss their research and research publications with us. Anyone interested in collaborating with us should email Niesha Savory (


Faculty Advisor - Dr. Kristin Phillips,

President: Niesha Savory

Vice President: Caroline Bolyard

Secretary: Maddy Sifford

Treasurer: Alexis Harbuck

Membership Chair: Priyansh Shorey

Social Chair: Jessica Becks