Neuroscience Club

We are a student-led academic organization that allows students to explore the interdisciplinary field of Neuroscience. We invite guest researchers to teach at club meetings and participate in events that bring science to the community. We participate in activities such as:

  • Virginia Science Festival- At the festival we engage with adults and children in basic fundamentals of neuroscience. We use various demonstrations such as spiker boxes to measure action potentials while arm wrestling and a tea tasting that blocks sweet receptors.
  • Kids Tech- At Kids Tech we engage with younger children to get them interested in science and technology.
  • Tech or Treat- Tech-or-Treat is an event designed to help children get engaged in art of science. We will be show casing a booth to get kids interested in the science behind the brain while incorporating a fun interactive Halloween theme.
  • Big Event- This a campus wide event where organizations sign up to participate in one huge volunteer activity. As a club we are assigned a specific volunteer activity in order to give back to the community.
  • Group Study Sessions- The vice president and the web officer host group study sessions to encourage underclassmen to work and collaborate together in the intro to neuroscience classes.
  • YoungStrokes- We have an affiliation with YoungStrokes which is an organization that promotes the awareness about the risk of strokes at younger age. Recently we organized a fundraiser to raise money for YoungStrokes and serve as a voice on campus for the organization.


During our general meetings we bring professors and researchers from different fields of neuroscience in order to expose our members to the current research being conducted on campus.
Guest Speakers who have attended for example:

  • Harald Sontheimer - I.D. Wilson Chair and Professor
  • Michael Scott - Assistant Professor of Pharmacology at University of Virginia Medical School
  • Sheryl Ball - Assistant Professor of Neuroeconomics at Virginia Tech
  • Michael Fox - Associate Professor of Developmental Neurobiology at Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute


We also help students to get a glimpse into what medical school and graduate school will be like by bringing in representatives and current students. The club is opening to any undergraduate student who is interested in the club and you do not have to be a neuroscience major in order to join the club. This involves bringing career services to give presentations and conduct workshops for the members to participate in.

We meet four times a month, two of which are general meetings that involve activities to engage the members or expose them to the current research going on at Virginia Tech. The other two meetings are not required and are officer meetings where we discuss future planning and development of the club. We meet every Tuesday at 6:45 pm in Lavery Hall 320 this semester. Our schedule changes each semester based on availability of the officers.

Officers of Neuroscience Club

Title Name Contact
President Arie Roth
Vice President Meredith Wilson
Secretary Max Filter
Treasurer Cori Whisman
Social/Events Chair Meghan Babington
Advisor Kristin Phillips

For additional information about coming activities and events check Neurosicence Club at GobblerConnect