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Diversity and Inclusion

The School of Neuroscience feels strongly that inclusion and diversity are values that we promote and hold in the highest regards. First and foremost, the School of Neuroscience supports freedom of speech and values the opinions and thoughts of everyone. Our program adamantly declares that we do not tolerate acts of racial misconduct and condemn inappropriate behavior!


Student Health and Wellness:

Cook Counseling Center

at 540-231-6557.

Dean of Students Office

at 540-231-3787. Referral to a campus cleric may be made through this office.

Hokie Wellness

at 540-231-2233 (students) or 540-231-8878 (employees) 


at 540-231-7500

Employee Assistance Program

i.   Anthem 
ii.  Aetna 
iii. Kaiser Permanente 
iv. Optima Health Vantage HMO 

Additional resources:

The School of Neuroscience family stands with the Black community and all underrepresented groups and identities that have suffered and continue to suffer from the long history of injustice in our society. We are advocates for promoting positive attitudes towards inclusion and diversity while ensuring that everyone in our program is treated fairly with dignity and respect.  This is the embodiment of Virginia Tech’s motto, Ut Prosim (That I May Serve).

Please contact our committee for any sugestion, comments or concerns.