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Industry Internships and Jobs

The best way to find industry internships and jobs is through online searches or through professional networking.  If you know what companies interest you, you can often search for work opportunities within their individual websites.  If you don’t have a particular company of interest, job search engines can aid in the search process.

The following job search engines can help you get started:

  • – aggregated job search database
  • – largely non-profit organizations
  • Handshake - search Engine for Jobs/Internships at companies recruiting VT students
  • Merck - under Student Opportunities or by searching keywords. Merck has many internship and co-op opportunities in neuroscience, oncology, chemical biology, translational biomarkers, environmental health and safety, pharmacology, drug metabolism, scientific nomenclature, safety assessment and laboratory animal resources (SALAR), clinical trials, etc.
  • ZipRecruiter - college employment resources, search for Internships/Jobs for college students