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The Neuroscience Postdoctoral and Graduate Student Association

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The Neuroscience Postdoctoral and Graduate Student Association (NPGA) is a trainee group created by trainees, for trainees. We are part of the School of Neuroscience (SoN) at Virginia Tech, and are dedicated to facilitating the professional and scientific development of neuroscience graduate students and postdoctoral associates.   


  • Monthly Seminar series: Hear about ongoing neuroscience research through our informal seminar series with graduate students and postdoctoral associates. 
  • NPGA General Assembly meetings: Held 3 times per semester, these meetings are held to share updates on NPGA, plan more events and seminars, and to present a trainee-chosen “Hot Topic.” These hot topics include things such as career development, grant writing, workshops, and more. 
  • Socials: Socialize with your peers during our social events! We love to host socials where we can meet each other, talk about science or non-science things, and have a fun time over food or other social activities. 
  • Career Development: We host Hot Topic sessions that range from “So you want to be a PI?” to “How to prepare and write a grant.” We aim to invite experts on the chosen topics who can come share their advice, personal experience, and more to benefit both graduate students and postdocs.  
  • Outreach Events: Engage with the Virginia Tech and surrounding community to share our love of neuroscience. We host (virtual) events, visit local schools, and participate in science festivals
  • Resources: We gather contact information and resources regarding career opportunities, grants, funding, travel, conferences to share with the NPGA 


NPGA has committees that are always looking for enthusiastic new members:

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee
  • Outreach Committee
  • Resources Committee
  • Event & Speaker Recruitment Committee

You can find more information about what it is exactly these committees do and how to join them on our website.