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Elizabeth R. Gilbert

  • Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and Animal Nutrition, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
3620 Litton-Reaves
Animal & Poultry Sciences Department
Blacksburg, VA 24061-0306

From an undergraduate degree in wildlife biology to a postdoctoral research position in the area of comparative genomics, I have always had a strong interest in the evolutionary basis of complex traits and adaptations that confer unique physiological attributes to different species. My Master’s and Ph.D. research focused on the regulation of gene expression of intestinal nutrient transporters in black bears and birds and through this research I cultivated my passion for nutritional science and molecular biology, in particular the understanding of how nutrients regulate gene expression and cellular functions. I completed a postdoctoral appointment in the area of pancreatic beta cell regeneration where I identified plant-based compounds with effects on beta cell proliferation and viability in culture and confirmed their anti-diabetic effects in a mouse model. I also conducted postdoctoral research in the area of nutritional proteomics; using a mass spectrometric-based approach to identify proteins involved in the development of the small intestine in birds from lines that had undergone selection for growth under different nutritional environments. My final postdoctoral project, in the Department of Medical Biochemistry and Medical Biology at Uppsala University in Uppsala, Sweden, involved characterizing the function of a transcription factor that was identified as a repressor of insulin-like growth factor 2, ZBED6, using a variety of functional genomics-based approaches in different cell types. I assumed a tenure-track faculty position at Virginia Tech in 2012 and have since established a research program that focuses on understanding the molecular basis for eating disorders, insulin resistance, and obesity, using chicks as the primary research model.

My research is aimed at developing strategies to reduce the prevalence of obesity and eating disorders. I use birds as a model to study interactions of genetic background, diet, hormone and neuropeptide, and developmental effects on regulation of appetite, adipose tissue physiology and insulin resistance. The overarching objective of my research is to elucidate molecular mechanisms and cellular signaling pathways associated with adipose development, with an emphasis on the brain-fat axis. Using a primary cell culture platform and in vivo approaches, we have studied how various appetite-regulating peptides, such as neuropeptide Y and alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone, regulate appetite-associated pathways in the hypothalamus and also adipogenesis, adipocyte hypertrophy, and lipolysis in the adipose tissue. We are also researching the impact of early-life nutrition and stress exposure on metabolic outcomes later in life, with an emphasis on epigenetic changes associated with appetite-regulatory factors in the hypothalamus. The Virginia lines of chickens, existing only at Virginia Tech, serve as an important model for this research. These lines originate from a common founder population and for more than 60 consecutive generations have been selected for low and high body weight, which has led to correlated responses in appetite and body composition. The anorexic line consists of lean individuals with varying severities of anorexia, whereas the obese line consists of compulsive feeders that all become obese. From a biomedical perspective, these lines are a valuable resource for researching eating disorders and communication between the brain and adipose tissue. From an agricultural perspective, this research has direct relevance to improving animal production efficiency.

I am also passionate about teaching and instruct animal nutrition and cellular and molecular neuroscience courses at Virginia Tech.

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